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Welcome to Sozai World a LJ Community!

Sozai (素材)is a versatile Japanese word and in this case it means Web Material. This community is dedicated to the sharing of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese web space jewelry. We have everything you need to further express yourself on the Web!

We have over 1,000+ graphics, gifs, emoticons! All "Kawaii", very "Genki" and they are all for you to use!

Please join to see all posts!

Eros.Ego (an.bon.89[@]gmail.com)
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If you have a Graphic community and want to be affiliated please send a link with banner or link to community to E-mail and you'll be added here!
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Rules and Guidelines

What you can and cannot post
PhotobucketNo Sales posts of any kind!
except: charging for pixels, layouts, your web services
PhotobucketNo entries consisting of k/c/jpop-rock icons or layouts.
icons and layouts consisting of real people that ARE allowed: Gal model or Shibuya brand related.
PhotobucketYou may Request! Please before doing so check tags!

When posting!
Photobucket Everything inside of an LJ cut except 1 or 2 sample pictures or text
Photobucket Make clear if you have your own rules (credit, no tampering etc.)
Photobucket Tag your entry correctly! there is already an extensive list if you are unsure!

Photobucket You may advertise for Gif/Icon communities if sozai related. Once every 2 weeks
Photobucket Anything else run it by a mod!

General Rules!
Photobucket Posts do not have to be locked
Photobucket Please be kind and respectful
Photobucket adhere to any requests Gif/Graphic makers may make
Photobucket always enjoy!

Thank you So much!! If unsure of anything bring it to a mod!

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